December 2023 Virtual Seller's Working Group


Thank you for your interest in CBIT’s December 2023 Virtual Seller’s Working Group, hosted by ANCA and the Center for Businesses in Transition Partnership.

This free virtual working group begins on
Tuesday, December 5, 2023 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.

Participants will then meet with local liaisons across
the region one-on-one to work through questions and activities
relevant to your individual business needs at times and locations
that work for your schedule!


Intended Audience:  The Seller’s Working Group is intended for business owners who expect to sell their businesses in the next year or two. We also expect that participants have a good understanding of your historical financials including your profit and loss statements and access to your business tax returns for three – five years. If you are not ready to sell in the next year or two but would like to start the process of thinking through your plan, please join us as well! 

Knowledge is Power:  When it comes to selling your business, knowledge is power. One of the key reasons businesses don’t sell is a lack of preparation on the part of the Seller.  For most small business owners, selling is uncharted waters. This working group will prepare you to sell your business on your terms.  It will also give you information that will be helpful for your Buyer.  Understanding the perspective of your Buyer will help you sell your business faster and for more money.

Seller Participation in the 2024 CBIT Virtual Matchmaking Event: Those who complete the program will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual networking event between Sellers and Buyers in 2024. Past CBIT Events and Conferences have attracted between 20 and 180 registrants and provide a great opportunity to showcase your available business to prospective buyers and practice speaking about your business opportunity.

The Selling Process:  Below is a graphic representing the selling process. We will go through the process in detail and teach you the knowledge and skills necessary to value, market and sell your business. 

The program is made possible through the financial support of National Grid Project C, Community Bank and the Northern Border Regional Commission.