Support to North Country Business Owners

The Center for Businesses in Transition partnership provides support free of charge to qualifying Adirondack North Country business owners. 

What kind of support?

  • Matchmaking services with potential buyers
  • Access to planning tools 
  • Connections with local free and low cost services

Get Started Today

You are a business owner looking to retire or transfer ownership and you need assistance, start by filling out the initial inquiry form.

I filled out the initial inquiry form… what now? 

You will be: 

  • Added to a mailing list to receive notifications about relevant events & workshops
  • Contacted by a member of the CBIT team who will interview you about your future plans and needs.
  • Presented with recommendations for next steps. Often this will be connecting you with experts in the region who can work with you to realize your goals.
  • Added to an online directory of available businesses in the North Country (Dependent upon your goals)
  • Supported by the CBIT team as needed throughout your process.

Where can you find a localized how-to guide

The Center has published a guidebook for transitioning business owners — a localized how-to guide for navigating the multifaceted succession planning process. The document also highlights local free and low-cost resources to help business owners get started. The guidebook will be launched in Fall of 2020 and is at

What we don’t do…

  • Act as your lawyer, banker, financial consultant, mortgage broker, etc. But we do help you build your team and learn about what questions to ask.
  • Provide business valuations and/or build business plans for you. But we can provide templates and resources for you to get started before you meet with other professionals.

What else you should know before getting started

  • Building a smooth and successful transition plan takes an average of  3-5 years
  • Regardless of the type of transition, you would like to plan (even family transitions), the transition process often costs a minimum of 3K in fees and services. These expenses likely come from your accountant, lawyer, and other members of your transition team.